Fuego Element is the brainchild of visionary industrial designer, Robert Brunner, former chief of design at Apple and designer of Beats by Dr. Dre headsets.  Through the powerhouse industrial design firm, Ammunition Design Group, he set out to build a product that looks unlike any other grill and cooks better than premium priced models.

Since its launch in 2011, the Fuego Element has been recognized by leading magazines and industry award panels for its efficient performance and unique good looks.  Fuego Element is the proud recipient of the following awards: IDSA Gold, Good design award, Spark Design award and Vesta Best Gas Grill.



A true combination of innovative, contemporary design and powerful performance, this Fuego Element gas grill is a vision to behold and comes loaded with impressive features. The grill’s slim profile makes it ideal for smaller spaces.

legendGets Hot Faster:  

Reaching temperatures of 500º F in just 5 minutes, the Fuego Element heats up faster than the competition, so you are ready to grill in no time. The days of waiting upwards of 20 minutes for your massive grill to pre-heat are over.

Heat Curve

Dual Zone Grilling:

Fuego Element’s patent-pending dual-ring stainless steel burner puts 21,000 BTU/hr at your disposal, is capable of direct and indirect cooking and reaches 500º F cooking temperatures in five minutes to perfectly sear steaks and bake crispy thin-crust pizza in less time than it takes for delivery to arrive.

Heat Reflective Hood:

Lightweight hood with integrated heat reflection shield for“Low and slow” dishes at 250º F using Zone 1 and “Fast and hot” searing at > 500º F using Zone 1 + 2.


GrateCast Iron Grate:

Thanks to its roomy 346-square-inch cooking surface, the grill can fit up to 16 quarter-pound burgers at a time. The grill’s 21-inch, 15-pound, porcelain-enameled cast iron grate heats quickly and evenly (no hot spots to worry about) and cooks to perfection, imparting perfect sear marks on food for that authentic barbecue taste.

Hinged Door:

Fuego Element’s smart design means better design. With its pivoting door and magnetic latch you can easily access the propane tank for everyday use or when it’s time to replace it.


Cooking Lid:

The Fuego Element’s 6 1⁄2” tall hood has been re-designed to showcase a recessed thermometer. Inside the hood an integrated heat reflection shield helps provide convection-like cooking for slow and tender dishes like roasted chicken and BBQ ribs.


Residue Tray: 

Keep your grill clean with Fuego Element’s ample and easy-to-clean residue tray. The easy-to-access residue tray collects and captures runoff grease from the diffuser panel and fire box. The grease residue is safely stored below the fire box. Simply pull the tray handle, clean the residue tray and return when you’re ready to start grilling again.



Got wheels will travel. One of the Fuego Element’s quiet features is its mobility. You can easily move the grill from one side of your deck or backyard to the other. The 23” wide base and anti-tilt wheels prevent the grill from tipping. The locking wheels keep the grill stable. Be smart. Never move the grill while it’s hot.


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